Young Inspirational: Yang Mei

For the September issue of Yasmin & the Young Inspirationals, I had the lovely opportunity to interview the beautiful Yang Mei Asscheman, founder of Connect Your Influence.

At only 18-years old, and 17 when starting the company, she is making her mark on the online influencer world, as her business helps upcoming brands come in contact with online influencers to brand their products! Below is a fragment of our interview together:

How did you get your idea or concept for the business? 

When I was younger I always enjoyed watching YouTube videos. I had a bunch of favourite YouTube channels I followed, like Jacksgap, and Michelle Phan.

I also loved to follow bloggers as well and before I realised it, I started my own blog. But I always wondered how those YouTubers and bloggers could earn money from their online videos and blog posts. And that’s when I started to pay attention to online marketing  and influencer marketing. I was quite intrigued by it, because there are so many possibilities that social media has to offer nowadays.

This summer when I had the opportunity to participate in the project ZomerOndernemer I decided to give it a try. Project ZomerOndernemer gives young teenagers the opportunity to start their own business with guidance from experienced entrepreneurs. The project duration was 6 weeks. Here I developed my business concept. After these 6 weeks I had learnt so much about entrepreneurship and I started my own business called Connect Your Influence.

For the full interview see the video below or head on over to I’d like to thank Yang Mei for her hospitality and for being a great sport for letting me put a camera in her face haha!

You can find Yang Mei and Connect Your Influence:

Keep dreaming and believing!

Yasmin x

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