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Whooooop! The Young Inspirationals series is back and we’re kicking it off with the beautiful Noelle As from the YouTube channel Made By Noelle.

YouTube is playing a larger role in the lives of teenage children, and more so than only 5 years ago. It provides all ages, race, gender with a platform to inspire greatness and spark creativity. And that’s where Made By Noelle comes in. Created by the 19-year old Noelle As, Made By Noelle is a leading DIY channel in the Netherlands. Within 2,5 years she has grown her channel from a passionate 100 subscribers to a inspiring 11,000 subscribers.

There was no other excuse around it, than to interview this creative mastermind for a Young Inspirational of the month of May.

What inspired you to start your own YouTube channel?

The last few years I watched a lot of YouTube videos. In the USA there are a lot of DIY (Do It Yourself) channels, but in the Netherlands there are not a lot of DIY channels.

I was always really creative. When I was a child I started sewing on the sewing machine and I crafted a lot of things. So, I came up with the idea to start my own YouTube channel, and combine my two biggest hobbies, YouTube and DIY’s.

Full Young Inspirationals Interview

For the full interview see the video below or head on over to Creating this wide platform has been a huge inspiration to me and my commitment to YouTube. Noelle really shows that passion and hard work can really lead to a beautiful community and bring your core message of creativity across to the world.

You can find Noelle and Made By Noelle here:

YouTube | MadeByNoelle
Instagram | @Noelle_As

Get inspired by her creativity and be sure to check out her beautifully crafted video’s and subscribe to her channel.

What gets your creative juices flowing?
Share your inspiration and passion in the comments below as I love love love hearing how creativity has influenced your life.

“Creativity is the ability to make or think or see or hear something that did not exist before.”

– Unknown

Keep dreaming and believing!

Love, Y x

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