Top 5 Most Inspiring Travel Bloggers

Wanderlust and Dream are my two middle names, but these are the travel bloggers that trigger those two words the most for me. Here is a list of my favourite travel bloggers.

Hopscotch The Globe, yasmin wilnis

5. Hopscotch The Globe

CEO, actress, host, producer, editor, videographer, and writer, Kristen Sarah is the whole package. She mixes all those elements together on her website and YouTube channel, which has over 200 videos and 31,000 subscribers. HopScotch The Globe is purely about inspiring others, through tips & advice and her weekly videos. And it’s her hilarious personality that tops it all off.

What About Her, Yasmin Wilnis

4. What About Her

Dutch based travel blogger Laura, has one of the most popular travel blogs in the Netherlands, and it’s her beautiful website that already gives that away. Having lived abroad four different times, and having worked as a hotel manager for some time, she decided to pursue her love for travelling herself and along with that came her blog. Such a sincere human being who writes with such passion. Along with the blog she too documents her travels on YouTube, called her travel movies. While some posts are in Dutch, the majority are in English, for every international reader to enjoy.

Just One Way Ticket, yasmin wilnis

 3. Just One Way Ticket

Without a doubt, one of the most well known travel bloggers on this platform. Within 6 months, Sabrina was making money from her blog, and it wasn’t till 6 months later that she quit her job and made travelling her full-time job. What really attracts Sab, is the way she writes her blogs. She writes in such a laid back, unofficial way, you just have to love her and her personality.

Flying The Nest, yasmin wilnis

2. Flying The Nest 

A young Australian couple that recently started travelling the world together, and are daily vlogging their journey on YouTube. Stephen and Jess have had many experiences while travelling,  but their year “flying the nest” has to be the biggest challenge yet. What makes you fall in love with them is their simple yet incredibly inspiring posts and of course, you’ve gotta love that accent.

World of Wanderlust, yasmin wilnis

1. World of Wanderlust

My number one favourite travel blogger, has got to be Brooke Saward, another fun Australian born traveller, and beautiful soul. While some of the other travellers travel with a +1, Brooke travels completely solo. She started travelling after she graduated from uni, by buying a one way ticket to London. Ever since then she has been on the road. Two years later, and she has written 3 books, one is still in the making, visited over 50 countries and has the opportunity to discover and document her time around the world, while still being her awesome self. As well as her blog, she has a YouTube channel where she shares some more of her travels.

I hope these bloggers can inspire you too, and have you feeling like you’re on their journey with them. Please feel free to share your favourite travel bloggers in the comments below, as there is no such thing as enough is enough, especially when it comes to travelling!

Keep dreaming and believing! 

Yasmin x

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