The Making of a Young Entrepreneur Episode 1: Who Am I

Young Entrepreneur. Story. Change.

Oehhhhh, I’m so excited to finally be sharing this project I’ve been working on for a while now. A project I have put my heart and soul in and made it in the purest, most honest way to showcase what behind the scenes is really like at

Not many know my complete story and it is something I will soon share on here in full. Although I share a lot of my personality online and in blog posts, especially the goofy side of me, there is still the personal matters that have shaped me into the out-going kid I am today. The flat tires on my personal journey road trip that have seemed nearly impossible to solve. But, nonetheless, we should take in all hardships as wise lessons that only make you stronger.

So, without further ado, I’m very proud to announce the first episode of The Making of a Young Entrepreneur. A weekly online series showcasing the true lifestyle of a young entrepreneur. While sharing vlogs, interviews and behind the scenes footage of what goes on at Yasmin Wilnis HQ, this will be a weekly series documenting my entrepreneurial journey to becoming my own CEO.

The Making of A Young Entrepreneur , yasmin wilnis, episode 1

Heey there beautiful people of the internet,

I’m a 20-year old overly excited kid trapped inside a young adults body.

My passion for life is therefore huge and I plan on taking over the world while dancing, quoting rom com movies and living like my spirit animal… Peter Pan.

Read more about me here.

I’m an online influencer in youth personal development on a mission to make personal development fun for you by sharing snippets of lifes beautiful essence that spread throughout the world and create positivity and love.

I do this through speaking + facilitating workshops for the youth, dishing insights from my personal journey over on my online platform and inspire greatness with my motivational YouTube series. Helping your inside guide your outside!

The Making of A Young Entrepreneur , yasmin wilnis, episode 1
The Making of A Young Entrepreneur , yasmin wilnis, episode 1

I’m a 20-year old that is not in school.

This will be my third year out of high school and in that time I have been an exchange student in America for a year, taken the ultimate gap year the year after and in the summer of 2015 I told my parents I didn’t want to go to school. I wanted to become my own boss without a degree, asap. So, in late 2015 I started and since then it’s been a pretty hectic ride.

For the first time ever I entered the entrepreneurial world, I worked a lot on my own personal development, and I most importantly learned how to handle critique.

Now, I don’t have any aspirations on becoming the next Mark Zuckerburg or Steve Jobs, I just know that school isn’t the place for me and that’s okay! When you’re doing something you’re passionate about and love it makes things so much more unique and special. And now I get the chance to document my journey as well.

The whole entrepreneurial world is very much new to me as any other student, and I believe in helping each other out on this unique journey. By sharing my experience I hope to open eyes to new ways of living and that it is totally okay and accepted in this community, and I’m here to fully support and guide you on your way too!

The Making of A Young Entrepreneur , yasmin wilnis, episode 1

Have you ever taken a huge leap of faith into something new?
Share your stories in the comments below and lets jump together!

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new.”

– Socrates

Keep dreaming and believing!

Love, Y x

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