The Importance of Human Connection

Human connection. A need. A value. A key.

On 21st of January we celebrated #NationalHugDay around the world. It’s amazing to see that even for that one day, we can all come together and connect in a beautiful state of awareness and be able to share that with the rest of the world. To take just one day to spread the love through a warm embrace with our surroundings.

The Importance of Human Connection

So why is it so important to connect with others? Well, firstly this is a simple human need; The strong feeling to connect and love with other human beings. When a baby is born the warmth and touch of the mother is the only thing that keeps a baby from crying. The physical connection with a pure soul. It’s sending energy from one person to another.

When meeting someone new, helping someone in need, making love and even expressing your emotions. These are all different types of human connection and can be categorised into four dimensions:

Body connections through physical touch with can be something as simple as a hug, a consoling hand or more intimate such as a kiss and sex.

Mind connections through communication and sharing ideas with others. The social aspect of human connection we use most often.

Heart connections through emotional closeness; sharing emotions, developing feelings for the other person, a sense of intimacy and falling in love.

Spirit connections by sharing a spiritual journey, helping each other grow and coming together to realise a greater purpose.

Take a look at your current relationships and you’ll see that every relationship in your life can be categorised in some or all of the dimensions. You’ll realise that your closest relationships embrace more of the dimensions than distant relationships like your colleagues, classmates and distant relatives.

In various periods of your life you will find yourself in different dimensions. When we’re young we lean more towards the body and mind connections, and as a we become more aware of our personal growth we long more for heart and spirited relationships. So, looking at your life right now, where are you in each one of these four areas? And what kind of connection type would you like more of?

#NationalHugDay - The Mission

There wouldn’t be a #NationalHugDay without doing something of the matter. This was a incredible opportunity to head into the city and spread that pure love even more. Holding large signs saying “Free Hugs” we embarked on our journey on Rotterdam Central Station. Our group was made up of 4 enthusiastic Englishmen, who found the event on Facebook, a girl from Romania living in Rotterdam, a lovely talkshow host, myself, mum, Irwin and some other great people from the city.

I’ll be honest, it’s not easy at first stepping up to someone and asking them if they would like a hug. It’s all part of stepping out of your comfort zone and changing your mindset from “The embarrassment of getting rejected” to “I’m here for you”. From thinking about yourself and your own ego to caring for the other person and their worth, it’s a simple change that can make a whole lot of difference and immense impact. And within 10 minutes I managed to embrace the first few people who’s smiles I will never forget. We often forget that as human beings, it is in our nature to give and create, and that day my friends, we each gave and created to a whopping 60 – 70 people.

Meet The Creator

This event was organised by Irwin Ment, an incredibly inspiring human being with a love for authenticity and heartfelt living. He is the founder of The Innerviewer, a Dutch talk show that provides a platform for inspiring souls with a creative mindset, who are ready to spread the message of mindful living to the rest of the world.

Human Connection | A Poem

We all know, deep down, that we are all connected. And it’s time that we embrace that connection to all souls around the globe. The good and the bad. Each with their own purpose, own notion, and own intent of living their life in this universe. You and me, we’re connected and so are you and Leonardo DiCaprio! I mean, come on, that’s pretty awesome!

“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”
– Brené Brown

Keep dreaming and believing! 

Love, Y x

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