How to Motivate Yourself in the Final Weeks of School

Motivation. School. Finals.

Welcome to the most challenging time of the year, yes my friends its the final weeks of school. The time when you’re least motivated, ready for summer and often times enjoying the lovely weather! It’s an extremely challenging period for students and especially when your energy is low and your motivation has jumped off a hill.

But I’ve got your back and went ahead and put together these 5 motivational boosters to get you ready and energized to take on your final weeks of school. It’s now or never, make it or break it, and I believe strongly in your will power to completely MAKE IT!

The thing with motivation is, you have to trigger it. Motivation is like fuel for a car, you need it to get to your destination. But without a destination you’re simply wasting fuel. You are your own car, so give yourself a fun destination to drive to.

Set yourself a goal for the end of the semester and be sure to be specific. Make it clear what you want to work towards. Something as “I just want to pass my year” is not enough to get going in the long run. Be more specific like I want to pass without any D’s or F’s, or in Holland we’d say anything lower than a 5.5. Make the goal as clear as possible for you and work with a finish line – not a deadline – because you don’t want to be dead when you’re finished.

school motivation, finals weeks
school motivation, finals week, yasmin wilnis

While on the journey to your ultimate destination you’re going to have to make some pit stops along the way to recharge the car. These are your small goals along the way; the amount of chapters you read, or the work you’ve completed that has kept you on track. And for even the smallest accomplishments, you’ve gotta reward yourself for all that hard work you have just completed.

What makes it even more fun is turning your reward system into a game. For every three chapters that you’ve studied, you get to watch an episode of your favourite serie or get a piece of chocolate. Keep it light and fun! For bigger accomplishments make the rewards bigger, start with a chocolate bar, level up to that pot of Ben & Jerry’s and then that amazing piece of clothing you then so deserve.

BUT discipline yourself, because if you watch that episode without having done anything, you falling back into old habits that will keep you from achieving your small goals. Keep up this reward system to give yourself the ultimate boost.

Head out of the house for a bit. Fresh air can work wonders, if you just give it the space to sink in to your body. These final weeks you’re going to be in your room… a lot! Keeping your body and mind inside for a long period of time can be extremely draining and take away the concentration that is needed in these last few weeks.

Fresh oxygen is like a socket for your phone, you’re constantly processing and draining energy inside your box, but the moment you get plugged in, or in our case “plugged out” you receive new energy. We are also very much connected to nature, and that is a natural charger in itself.

school motivation, finals week, yasmin wilnis
school motivation, finals week, yasmin wilnis

Take your books out of the house and study somewhere else. New places are really refreshing and can boost us with new energy, enough to get you well and truly motivated. It’s time to give yourself the space to explore new places, travel a little bit, while obviously still sticking to the core which is motivation for studying.

And who knows, you might walk into a cute little cafe with a cute little boy who is studying over there. You never know where that may lead to and all because you got out of the house!

This week I attended a training course and knew hmmm i gotta share that with my followers. And guys this is so essential. Don’t ask yourself why you should do something, ask yourself why you shouldn’t!

What are the consequences of you not studying?
– Repeating a school year.
– Angry parents.
– Younger classmates
– Bad grades.
– Starting your final year with bad scores, which can have a really big impact on your final exams.

Write all these negative things down for yourself, observe it and use this as a motivation to avoid this nasty but so helpful list!

school motivation, finals week, yasmin wilnis

What strategies help keep you motivated in the final weeks of school?
Share your tips in the comment below and share it with the community of young students.

“The roots of education are bitter, the fruits are sweet.”
– Aristotle

Keep dreaming and believing!

Love, Y x

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