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I. Am. A. Girl

Ladies, we can all admit that we sometimes forget how awesome it is to be a girl! When this happens I feel the need to listen to a song that empowers me, and makes me feel strong and confident, because let’s be honest, being a lady can be tough, but oh so fun!

When I hear a girl power song, I feel the need to share this with my closest girlfriends, including my mum, and play on repeat till we know all of the lyrics and feel the inspiration to be that confident, strong and kickass woman. Live with the thought ‘Girls Run the World’ imprinted in our minds. Oh and if by any chance you are going through a break up, this playlist is made for you!

Girl Power Playlist

If you have Spotify, you are most welcome to listen to my Girl Power Anthems and feel like we run the world together! And tell me, what are your favourite Girl Power anthems?

“A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her.”
– Unknown

Keep dreaming and believing! 

Love, Y x

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