Yasmin Wilnis.

The girl behind the dream.

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Young at heart | 20 | Dutch | Daughter | Sister | Friend
Globe Trotter | Exchange Student | YouTuber
Crazy | Ambitious | Weird sense of humour | Awkward
Book Lover | Huge Justin Timberlake fan | Mother of a cat
Even bigger fan of Ellen Degeneres

Yasmin Wilnis brings young energy and a community feeling to personal development while inspiring her readers to discover their identities.

Born in the Netherlands, raised in England and spent a year in the USA as an exchange student, this girl has got the cultural package sorted. With her love for travel, happiness and life, she inspires the youth to live life from the core of their hearts. While on the journey to mindful living, she shares her experiences, lessons and wisdom on how she overcame setbacks, hurtful events, and a lost identity.

She may still be working on her own personal development, but it opens her heart to share her life adventures with the rest of the world, knowing it can help them grow.

“Life is also one big journey, there may be bumps, cracks and obstacles, but in the end, it gets you somewhere. So join me, my soul siblings on this never ending quest to wisdom, fulfillment and rejoice. This is a place for living and letting go, as you have now entered a world of adventure, craziness and inspiration. It’s never too late to live.” – Yasmin x

Keep dreaming and believing!

– Yasmin Wilnis