5 Tips To Make Saying Goodbye Easier

There are many crazy and difficult situations we stumble across in life, but the hardest one has got to be ‘saying goodbye’. This can be interpreted in many ways; moving to a different location, leaving a job, ending a relationship or even saying goodbye to a loved one who has passed away. Last year I experienced it by leaving my family and friends, my beloved city, and my trusted surroundings to follow my dream and become an Exchange Student at an American High School for a whole year.

Was it scary? Yes! Was it the most terrifying thing I have ever done? Yes! Would I do it again? OH YEAH! If it means jumping out of my comfort zone to explore the world and developing a growth of independence, I would give up my old life for that any day. But I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of my family members and closest friends, who, despite all my crazy talk, accepted my departure and my decision to choose myself above my surroundings.

Having experienced saying goodbye, I know how difficult and tricky this process is. And that’s why I have written these 5 tips which have helped me make my experience less dreadful. These tips particularly apply to a departure, but can be applied to other situations as well:

Focus on the positive1. Focus on the positive 

The adventures and memories you are going to make and/or have made should be your strength forward. New people, new location, new you! It’s a time for you to start over, and dig deep to your inner self. Being away is a whole different world, and being away for such a long time is a whole new stepping stone. The unknown has so much to teach you, and know that the family and friends you left behind, will be right where they are when you’re back.

Live in the moment

2. Live in the moment

When the time comes, focus on that one moment, and don’t let the past and your thoughts come back to haunt you. Being consciously aware of what is going on and taking that all in, will eliminate any doubts and fears. Breathe it in and feel what is happening in that moment and only then will you be fulfilled.

Prepare For Closure

3. Prepare for closure

Mentally, this is very important. For me, there wasn’t one day that went by without me thinking about my departure. I was terrified, and at many times started doubting my decision. The only way to prepare for your departure or someone elses is by simply accepting it. This is so tricky, as we so often think with our minds, whilst our heart keeps telling us “everything’s going to be alright.” Accepting the fears, doubts and many other emotions will give you more peace at heart and mind, and though you might still be dreading that one moment, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision deep down.

Share Your Sadness

4. Share your sadness

It’s a horrible feeling saying goodbye to something and someone, trust me all those emotions will eat you up alive if you don’t share them with someone. There have been times I’ve cried my heart out in my mothers arms, not being able to bear not seeing her for a whole year. You need this release to feel liberated and ready to take on the next step in life, whatever your situation may be. No one can go through this experience alone and neither can you. Share your grief, misery and heartbreak and know that whatever you’re going through, you are not in this alone.

Leave on a high

5. Leave on a high

Whether you’re leaving your job or saying goodbye to your loved ones, end on a high. Know that you have done your best up until that moment. Spend time with the people who mean the most to you in your life. I held a leaving party a week before my departure, and it felt complete seeing all my family members and friends together one last time! To top it all off, a small group came together to wave me farewell.

Being together is the best way of saying goodbye.


When the time comes, I hope to fall back on these tips again and hopefully they can inspire and help you out too. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work out the first time or doesn’t work at all, everyone has their own way of saying goodbye, we are all different. As long as something suits you too. Please share your own tips or any experiences you have had, if you care to share, with me in the comments below!

Keep dreaming and believing! 

Yasmin x

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