5 Daily Habits To Make You Happy

Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response.

We all have them days when we feel like life just says “Suck it, you’re on your own now.” I can recount many times when I’d want to fall on my knees, wait for a distinct amount of rain to pour down on my face and shout “WHHYYYYYY!” or “I AM FORTUNE’S FOUL!”, Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo & Juliet anyone?! Oh what an imagination I do have, but seriously though these situations are hopeless and to make it worse we feel like happiness is a millions mile away.

Now dear one, life does not have to be that way. Although I can’t stop you from having these days, I can at least give you the secret to my daily load of happiness with these 5 daily habits! They have not only boosted my happiness, but I have also noticed a decrease in irritations. Instead of Leonardo DiCaprio shouting in the rain, my bad days look a little more like Carrie Bradshaw hailing a taxi in NYC in the rain, a little irritated, but not stopping till I get myself out of this mess and onto my next destination.

1. Practice active gratitude

Gratitude is the smallest form of happiness! Not only does it reduce anxiety, stress and even depression, it also helps you become more positive, it strengthens your relationship with others and it encourages compassion.

To increase your happiness, share your gratitude with others and yourself. That means spending time with your closest family members and friends, and just cherishing those moments together. The best thing to do is to note down those moments of gratitude and your feelings of happiness. By letting those memories sink in and expressing this gratitude it can help you store up the great memories, especially for when times at tough.

2. Exercise to boost energy

“Get up, get on up” like James Brown would say. Start your morning with a short heart pumping routine. When you exercise your body creates endorphins which makes you feel energised, the “I can take on the world!” kind of feeling. Other than an increase in energy, exercising also boosts your immune system and physically active people may feel a sense of accomplishment when a personal fitness goal is reached. When you cross the line of that 5km run you were dreading, that’s a beautiful form of happiness. Also, the spaghetti legs after a run like that, add some meatballs and sauce and I can die happily.

Favourite exercises:
– 7 minute workout app
– 10 minute walk outside
– Pilates; Blogilates
– Yoga; Yoga With Adrienne & Boho Beautiful
– Dancing around the house

3. Sleep more

Oh man, how I wish I could just tell you that this comes naturally! I am such a night owl though I do get about 7-8 hours of sleep every night. I often feel like sleep is my best friend and worst enemy at the same time. I love doing it, but I just never get enough of it. And I’m sure a lot of you are in the same sticky situation.

Sleep helps our body recover from the day, repair itself and helps us be more productive. More rest leads to us being less sensitive to negative emotions. Enough sleep will help you focus and perform better at school or work, which will ultimately lead to a happier and more positive you!

4. Meditate

Meditating is an important habit for improving focus, attention span, and helps keep you calm. When you meditate, you tune into a consciousness that isn’t always possible when you’re living in a mindless state. It clears your mind and rewires your brain to raise levels of happiness.

The best thing to do is start your morning with a 10 minute meditation by sitting up right in silence and abundance. My favourite app for meditating is Calm, which guides you through the meditation process with nature sounds in the background, my favourite being the beach.

5. Take action

I think a lot of people assume that happiness is something we are born with. (Have you read the first sentence of this post!) Although genetics do play some what of a role, we are still in control of 40% of our happiness level. Take the time to reflect and make conscious steps towards a happier living.

Write a list of 3 things that make you happy every day and turn them into a daily habit and routine.

My daily habits:
(apart from these 5)
– Reflect in my diary, Penzu.com
– Listen to goooood music
– Dance like nobody watching, except your pet, dance with your pet.

What daily habits make you feel HAPPY?
Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below, I love reading them and answering your comments!

“If you have time to feel like shit, you have time to feel happy.”
– Yasmin Wilnis

Keep dreaming and believing!

Love, Y x

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