4 Ways To Improve Your Motivation For Success

Do you feel like you’re rearing off the tracks and need that motivation to get back on? I got you covered in this episode of Wilnis Wednesday where I give 4 tips to improving and upholding your motivation for success.


1. Define Your Succes

Success is a large word and has a special meaning to every single person. It doesn’t matter how big or small a definition of success can be, the most important thing is that you KNOW what your definition is. If you can visually picture your successful self in your mind it will be a lot easier to find the motivation to achieve that success. You’ll know your purpose, and have an incredible and powerful thought to wake up to every morning. Define your success!

2. Watch A Motivational Video

I have a youtube playlist called Motivation which I have been watching every morning before I start working for the last few weeks, and it’s just the greatest form of pumped up enthusiasm. And there are many motivational videos on YouTube that use the voices of great leaders and influential beings to bring across power and strength to rise up this mankind to their full potential. Will Smith and Eric Thomas have great voices and wisdom in that area of inspiration.

3. Hold Yourself Accountable

We are empathetic beings and therefore typically care about letting other people down. When we tell someone else we’ll do something, or that we’ll show up at a certain time, we’re more inclined to do so. And we do so because our reputation is being held accounted for. Use this technique to make commitments and stick to them. The last thing we want is to break a promise to another when we were committed to doing so.

4. Picture The End

Imagine the end result and how you’ll feel once you accomplish it. It’s a beautiful picture that has your name written all over it. Hold on to that feeling of accomplishment throughout every task you do, especially the more difficult tasks. Remind yourself of why you’re working hard to reach that goal, and that every little step is bringing you closer to your form of success.

Now go ahead and motivate each other to reach your definition of success. 

For more information on motivation for success and and finding out what my definition of success is, see the full Wilnis Wednesday episode above and below!

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Keep dreaming and believing!

Yasmin x

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